Chris Lewis

After a long international cricket career, his life took a wrong turn soon after finishing the game through injury. A popular man, Chris is now rebuilding his life looking to pass his experience onto people within cricket and via community groups as widely as possible.

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A play about his life, written by Dougie Blaxland and produced by Roughhouse Theatre, was launched in April 2019, travelling around multiple cities and also engaging with HMS Young Offender audiences in Portland and Aylesbury.

For more information¬† –¬† Roughhouse Theatre

Chris is available for appearances and presentations. His story delivers powerful messages that will undoubtedly be thought provoking and enlightening.

He is on a road to redemption and wants to share his story and the important learnings with as many people as possible, in the hope that he can help and ultimately inspire.


twitter  @ClairmonteChris